Las Vegas is a place where people from all over the world come to get lucky

Wise locals know that the most valuable fortune is not found withing the air-conditioned walls of the latest and greatest casino, it is found in the neighborhoods, homes, and businesses…it is in the people who make our community the great. 1 Lucky Gal knows it, too, and we want the most incredible of the Lucky Las Vegas gals to have an opportunity to shine a little brighter with local recognition, right here, at 1 Lucky Gal.

So if you are the 1 Lucky Gal or you know a Las Vegas gal who makes you feel lucky to know her, we want to know her, too

She could be a business owner, a leader or volunteer in the non-profit community, or a community leader making a difference.

1 Lucky Gals

What happens after you nominate her for distinction?

  1. A blog featured on
  2. Recognition and promotion on 1 Lucky Gal’s Social network platforms
  3. A guest interview on the Danny Vegas Live Show’s 1 Lucky Gal Segment
  4. A nomination for recognition at the 2018 1 Lucky Gal Gala

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