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Nicole Sharp

Nicole Sharp is a serial entrepreneur, broadcaster, social media influence authority and community leader. From start-up to business valuation in preparation for a profitable sale, she has experience and a passion for all aspects of business entrepreneurship.

Nicole’s experience with her own successful businesses and in her capacity as a business development and marketing specialist with Las Vegas business networking organizations and a local chamber of commerce, she saw a common thread was rampant in many businesses and organizations; owners and operators had blind spots. They lacked either objective perspective to challenges or were just too busy running their organization to be proficient in executing marketing solutions to challenges. This lead to inhibited revenue, increased stress and reduced levels the satisfaction for owners.

Lev Social was the solution for Nicole to create a business that solved fellow business owners problems. Nicole helps businesses strategically leverage their networks for more effective marketing, evaluate and creatively problem solve the blind spots, reduce lost revenue potential and implement policies and procedures to increase efficiency to capture and maintain a market advantage.